Meet the Ambassadors

Outi Sippola, Sif Jessen Hymøller

Outi Sippola

graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences, the Deparment of Puppetry in 2007. She has been working as a performer and director for several puppet theatre groups in Finland and other countries. Outi loves Michael Kvium's paintings and agrees with Charlie Chaplin: "Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in a long-shot".

Sif Jessen Hymøller

has been working professionally with puppetry both on TV and in theater for 7 years. She saw her first puppet show when she was 27 and immediately knew that there was no way around it. She quit her job as a teacher and devoted herself entirely to puppetry. Since then she has traveled the world touring, worked on puppet TV productions, given lectures and classes, been a consultant and puppet builder and much more.

Meet the performers of Waiting Room

Aapo Repo, Linda Lemmetty, S. Sunna Reynisdóttir

Aapo Repo

is puppeteer with a gift for acting and dancing. He does juggling and acrobatic and most importantly kung fu. He constructs puppets, preferring wood as material. Aapo relaxes with shoot frames with his dSLR and singing, though not at the same time.

Linda Lemmetty

is a Finnish theater artist specialized in physical theater and puppetry. She has been working as an actor and a puppeteer with theatre companies in Finland and France and performing in Europe and South Africa. She studied puppet theater in Turku University of Applied Sciences and after that graduated from Ecole International de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 2009. She directs, performs and works as puppet builder and teacher, combining visual theater, dance, puppetry, physical theater and music in her works.

S. Sunna Reynisdóttir

is a graduate of Central School of Speech and Drama, where she studied puppetry and performance art. Over the past few years, Sunna has worked as a designer and performer in puppet theatre. Sunna is the co-artistic director of VaVaVoom Theatre and co-founder of Bakarí Theatre and she also performs with Nonesuch Theatre. Sunna is trained as a classical musician and has performed in various context with the artists of Bedroom Community. She holds a degree in comparative literature from the University of Iceland and Universitá Karolva in Prague.