Photo: Anssi Jokiranta

Only one suitcase allowed

is object theatre and a living installation for one spectator. It is a peep show in which the viewer peeks in to miniature worlds hidden inside a pile of luggage. It is the set that is alive.

The small spaces take us to a 15 minutes journey in which the safe and familiar environment turns into hostile. Little by little the world closes its' gates and the traveler gets further and further from home. The further she is pushed on her way, the narrower her own space in the world gets, until there is none left.

People have started the journey without their own will and without knowing their final terminal. Their personal luggage has been confiscated before the destination. This little big performance has gained its' inspiration from the story of Anne Frank.

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Director: Outi Sippola
Performer: Linda Lemmetty
Set design: Lemmetty & Sippola